Friday, July 24, 2009

Osheaga Pyramids

I was asked this year to be a part of the YPF's art installation for the Osheaga music festival. So last weekend, myself and Jen Storey had a three day painting jam and produced this piece. It will be stretched over a frame, once erected it will be a painted, 10 foot tall pyramid. I had so much fun painting with Jen. There will be 5 pyramids in total. Pictured I have Fred Casia sewing up his pyramid and another photo of his three faced pyradewd. The last two photos are of
Tyson Bodnarchuk and Angie Johnson's mountain man pyramid. Aya Kakeda came to Montreal and helped complete the last two.
Yana Gorbulsky was key in the construction of the pyramids she worked all the sewing out. Check out her clothing line here.
More pictures to come of the actual installation at the site. I can't wait to see all five pyramids once they are at Parc Jean Drapeau!

There are also going to be crazy colored giant heads coming out of the ground that are made by
Aaron McConomy, James Kerr, Krissy Longtin, and Dessa Harhay.